Does Clarke County have enough water?
  Most Americans take their drinking water for granted.  As long as sufficient amounts of water are available when we turn on the shower or the kitchen faucet, we give water little thought most days.  Most people have very little understanding of where their water comes from and the infrastructure required to deliver it to their home or business. 

Reservoir commission working hard!

The Clarke County Reservoir Commission (CCRC) continues to work to build a new water supply reservoir to supply drinking water for Osceola, Woodburn, Murray, rural residents and other communities throughout Southern Iowa.  The project includes building an 816 acre lake about four miles northwest of Osceola.    About 2037 acres of land will be purchased for the reservoir and surrounding buffer area.  The buffer area is required for dam safety and water quality purposes.  This reservoir will provide a sustainable yield of 2.2 million gallons of water per day.  
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CCRC Project Map
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CCRC Procedure
CLARKE COUNTY WATER SUPPLY PLAN - Environmental Impact Statement
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