Locations of Posted Meeting Notices

In keeping with the Iowa Open Meetings Law, meeting notices of all regular and special CCRC Board of Directors meetings are posted at the following sites:

            Osceola City Hall
            Clarke County Courthouse
            Clarke County Development Corporation
            Murray City Hall
            Woodburn City Hall

The CCRC Board of Directors meets on the second Thursday of the month as needed. Meetings normally start at 9:00 a.m.  Posted meeting notices indicate the time and location of the upcoming meeting. Meetings are usually held at the Clarke County Development Corporation office, located at 115 E. Washington Street, Osceola.


The Clarke County Reservoir Commission


The local leadership that is planning the water supply project is known as the Clarke County Reservoir Commission, or CCRC. The Clarke County Reservoir Commission was formed under the provisions of Chapter 28E, Code of Iowa 2001. The Intergovernmental Agreement creating the Clarke County Reservoir was filed with the Iowa Secretary of State on March 07, 2003. The original intergovernmental agreement was made and entered into by, between and among:

    •City of Osceola, Iowa
    •Osceola Waterworks Board of Trustees
    •City of Murray, Iowa
    •City of Woodburn, Iowat
    •Clarke County, Iowa and
    •Southern Iowa Rural Water Association
    •Member at Large


In 2004, the following three organizations joined:

    •Clarke County Conservation Board;
    •Clarke County Development Corporation;
    •Clarke County Soil and Water Conservation District.


In 2008, the “First Amendment to Intergovernmental Agreement Creating the Clarke County Reservoir Commission” was filed with the Secretary of State on October 21. The purpose of the first amendment was to address Article IV Acquisition of Property.

In 2014, the Clarke County Reservoir Commission was restated. An amended and restarted intergovernmental agreement was filed with the Secretary of State on August 18, 2014. This intergovernmental agreement amends, supersedes, and replaces the agreement filed in March 2003 and the “First Amendment to the Intergovernmental Agreement Creating the Clarke County Reservoir Commission” filed in October 2008.

The 2014 intergovernmental agreement was entered into by, between and among:

    •City of Osceola, Iowa
    •Osceola Waterworks Board of Trustees
    •City of Murray, Iowa
    •City of Woodburn, Iowat
    •Clarke County, Iowa and
    •Southern Iowa Rural Water Association
    •Member at Large


The Commission consists of one representative from each of the member organizations. The Board of Directors also includes a Member at Large.

Other leaders are Clarke County citizens who have supported the water supply project in a number of ways, including as volunteers and financers. In 2007 and 2008 the people of Osceola and Woodburn approved a Local Options Sales and Service Tax (LOSST) to help pay for a new water supply source. The people of Murray voted and passed a LOSST initiative on November 03, 2009. On May 7th, 2013, the citizens of Osceola, Murray, and Woodburn were asked to vote again on dedicating the LOSST to the water supply project.  Over 80% of those who voted in the referendum voted to maintain the local option sales and services tax. 

CCRC meets the Iowa Open Meetings and Open Records Law. Meeting minutes can be viewed on this website under the Archives Tab, or at the office of the CCRC service provider, which is the Southern Iowa Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc., 609 New York Ave, Creston, IA  50801. CCRC maintains correct and complete books and records of accounting, with audits performed annually. All books and records of the Commission may be inspected by any member of the public by making an appointment.  The Clarke County Reservoir Commission is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.


Who Are the CCRC Commissioners?


Scott Busick (City of Murray representative)
Scott Busick is a 43 year resident of Murray, Iowa and has served multiple terms on the city council.  Mr. Busick also serves on the Clarke County Emergency Management Board.  He is a past representative of the Clarke County Conference Board and Landfill Commission. He has been involved in agriculture retail business for over 27 years. From 1978 to 1983 Mr. Busick worked in building both fresh water treatment plants and waste water treatment systems. He started his service to CCRC as an alternate commissioner and became the Murray representative to CCRC in 2006.


Jack Cooley (Clarke County Board of Supervisors representative)
Jack Cooley is a life-long resident of Clarke County where he has been involved in production agriculture his entire life.   He and his wife, Rosemary, have three children and are grandparents of five.  Mr. Cooley’s two grown sons live in the county and he wants each to have an enjoyable and promising future in Clarke County. Mr. Cooley is a former county supervisor and has served as the Commission’s Vice-Chairperson since 2003.


Ty Wheeler (City of Osceola representative)
City Administrator / Clerk of Osceola since 2010.


Sandy Kale (Osceola Water Board representative)
Clarke County Reservoir Commission Chairperson Sandy Kale has had a long time interest in water supply for Clarke County. She served on the Osceola Water Board for 19 years. She played a crucial leadership role in organizing the Clarke County Reservoir Commission and the water supply project. She has served as the Commission’s chairperson since its beginning in December 2002.


Dan McIntosh (Southern Iowa Rural Water Association representative)
Dan McIntosh of Creston is a career employee of the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA).   He currently is the General Manager of SIRWA; and, has been on the Clarke County Reservoir Commission Board of Directors since 2003. 


William Trickey (City of Woodburn Representative)
Bill Trickey is the Executive Director of the Clarke County Development Corporation. He has been involved with the project for six years.


Sue Wilder (Member at large)
Sue Wilder represents the Clarke County Development Corporation on the CCRC. She is the treasurer of the Commission.  Mrs. Wilder is retired from the Hy-Vee Corporation and is co-owner of Wilder’s Truck Service in Osceola.  She is an avid gardener, and is also active in Osceola’s Community Garden project. 


Each of the member organizations have selected an alternate representative. The representatives are as follows:

•City of Osceola, Iowa – Charles Morgan
•Osceola Waterworks Board of Trustees  - Brandon Patterson
•City of Murray, Iowa – Jeannie Crees
•City of Woodburn, Iowa - Randy Wright
•Clarke County, Iowa and – Larry Keller
•Southern Iowa Rural Water Association – Max Crawford
•Member at Large – Annie Welker

  Clarke County Reservoir Commission   P. O. Box 343 Creston, IA 50801   PH: 641-782-4033   email: sircddev1@iowatelecom.net  

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