Reservoir Commission Working to Improve Southern Iowa Water Supply


The Clarke County Reservoir Commission (CCRC) continues to work to build a new water supply reservoir to supply drinking water for Osceola, Woodburn, Murray, rural residents and other communities throughout Southern Iowa.  The project includes building an 816 acre lake about four miles northwest of Osceola. About 2037 acres of land will be purchased for the reservoir and surrounding buffer area.  The buffer area is required for dam safety and water quality purposes.  This reservoir will provide a sustainable yield of 2.2 million gallons of water per day. 

The project also includes 47 sediment trapping small dams in the drainage area of the reservoir.  These sediment basins will reduce gully erosion and reduce the amount of sediment reaching the reservoir.  This will extend its useful life and improve water quality, while also reducing water treatment costs.

The other major project component is the water intake structure and pipeline.  The water intake structure will be located within the normal pool area of the reservoir.  It will allow water to flow from the reservoir through the planned pipeline to the existing water treatment plant at West Lake.  This pipeline will be about six miles in length. 

Total project cost is currently estimated to be about $37,600,000.  The project will be paid for with a combination of cash, revenue bonds, and grants that are currently available through various state programs.  The revenue bonds will be paid off with the Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) currently being collected in Osceola, Murray, and Woodburn. 

Land acquisition for the project will begin in late 2014.  Land will be appraised at fair market value.  Review appraisals will then be completed.  Offers to purchase land will be made to individual landowners based on those appraisals.
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