Q: Why do we need to build the Clarke County Reservoir?

A: In short, because Osceola and Clarke County need additional water for continued population growth and economic development.  A water supply study was completed in 2008, and updated in February 2014, by the Howard R. Green Company for the Reservoir Commission.  The 2012 average daily raw water demand of 1.2 million gallons of water/day exceeded the current West Lake (Osceola’s current raw water supply) average withdrawal capacity of 0.9 mgd.   Therefore, Osceola and the surrounding area are already operating at an annual deficit.  By 2037, Osceola and Clarke County will need 2.2 million gallons of water/day (mgd) more than is currently available.   

  Q: How big will the lake be?
  A: About 816 surface acres of water.  About 2037 acres of land will be purchased for the lake and required buffer areas for water quality management, dam safety requirements, and environmental mitigation. 
  Q: Does this project include a new water treatment plant?

A: No.  The project does include a water transmission pipeline connecting the new lake with the existing water treatment plant at West Lake. 

  Q: When will the Reservoir Commission start buying land?

A: Land appraisals are being conducted in groups of 8-10 properties. Landowners are notified prior to the appraisal of their land.  Land acquisition is currently underway.

  Q: When will construction occur?
  A: Assuming land purchases are completed by the end of 2015, issuing of construction contracts could be expected in 2017. Construction contracts will be issued after the completion of the final design and the acquisition of necessary permits.
  Q: When will construction be complete?
  A: Completion of construction and filling of the lake is anticipated to occur in 2019.
  Q: How do I find out about meetings of the Clarke County Reservoir Commission?

A: Meetings of the CCRC are scheduled as needed on the second Thursday of the month, beginning at 9:00 AM, at the Clarke County Development Corporation office, 115 E. Washington Street, Osceola. 
Meetings are posted in accordance with the Iowa Open Meetings Law.  Notice of meetings is posted in advance at the Osceola City Hall, Clarke County Courthouse, Clarke County Development Corporation office, Clarke County Soil and Water Conservation District office, Woodburn City Hall, and Murray City Hall.     

  Q: I am interested in the progress of the Clarke County Water Supply project.  How do I learn about what is going on?
  A: A quick way to be informed is to read the minutes of the monthly CCRC meetings.  They are posted on the Archive tab of this website.  You are always welcome to attend the meetings as described in the previous answer.  If you should need special accommodations in order to attend, please see the contact tab on this website to submit your request.  Finally, you may contact reservoir commission members or the project coordinator.  Please see the contact tab on this website. 
  Clarke County Reservoir Commission   P. O. Box 343 Creston, IA 50801   PH: 641-782-4033   email: sircddev1@iowatelecom.net  

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